Melanin Glasses Protect The Eyes Through Proportional Filtration
Melanin glasses-just naturally occurring melanin-filter the wavelengths of visible (especially HEV)and UV light in proportion to their capacity to damage retinal tissue , reduce transmission potential damage is higher but maintain transmission potential damage is lower . By contrast , standard UV-protected lenses merely block particular wavelengths , leave the eye exposed to other harmful and completely unfiltered  light .

Melanin Glasses Enhance Vision By Reducing Glare

Just the black paint inside a common camera , melanin in the eyes reduces stray or scattered light . When the time goes by, UV and HEV damage to the retina, along with one’s gradual loss of melanin , limit the eye’s natural ability to reduce glare and maintain sharp contrast .
Melanin glasses filter UV and HEV light that would otherwise cause reflection and scatter within the eyes , thereby significantly reducing glare and increasing visual contrast .

Melanin Glasses Maintain Color Perception By Not Blocking Light

Sunglasses that block HEV light (blue blockers) produce significant color distortion. Lenses that preserve colo  have limited capacity to block HEV light .
By absorbing light proportionally across the spectrum is not only simply blocking high-energy light but also reducing harmful HEV light without compromising color perception .
1)Without lenses, color perception is normal , but HEV and UV light pass unfiltered to the eye 2 ) Harmful HEV light is blocked but color is distorted ( blue blockers )
3) Harmful HEV light is blocked and color perception is maintained (Melanin lens)

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