Prescription Sports Goggles Swim Goggles and Dive Masks

Our Board Certified Opticians have selected the best Sport Glasses and Goggles; available in both prescription and non-prescription.  

Our prescription sport goggles are produced in our specialty lab.   Both the frame and lenses meet ASTM and PECC standards for sports eyewear.  Polycarbonate safety lenses provide 100% UV protection. 

We utilize your prescription to determine the best correction for each eye with our Kid's and Adult Prescription Swim Goggles.  Polycarbonate lenses protect the eyes and include 100% UV protection.  

For complex prescriptions, with strong correction, cyl correction for large amounts of Astigmatism and prism, our full prescription swim goggles can provide an exact match to virtually all prescriptions.  

Our Prescription Dive Mask provides an exact match for most prescriptions utilizing an insert designed for our mask.  

Press-on Prescription Dive Mask Lenses, can add correction to your existing mask.  

A prescription ski goggle without the prescription lens insert.  The prescription lenses become the goggle's lenses.  Your prescription is placed directly into the vented goggle frame to minimize fogging.