Multifocal Readers


Don’t limit your productivity with single vision reading glasses. Put everything in your workspace into clear focus.

  • Are you tired of switching between 2 pairs of glasses for reading and viewing your computer monitor?
  • Do you wear reading glasses?  When viewing your monitor, do you have to bend forward and get close to the screen to get in focus?  If you take your reading glasses off, is the screen is blurry?   
  • Our Multifocal Computer/Readers glasses with two focal distances, with reading on the bottom 1/2 of the lens, and computer monitor in focus on the top 1/2 of the lens, calculated from your reading strength.
  • No visible lines, with smooth transition from reading to computer with no image jump experienced with inferior lined computer/readers. 
  • Near and intermediate vision like your remember before you turned 40.    
  • The top part of the lens will be automatically adjusted for your perfect computer viewing strength based on your reading strength.

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