Shooting Glasses For Front Site Focus

Correct Focus On Front Sight

The two most important components of sight use are to focus the eyes on the front sight and then verify the alignment between front and rear sights. The eyes can only focus in at one point, and the front sight, rear sight, and target will all be at different distances from the eyes. We focus on the front because it tells us where the gun is aiming.
Incorrect Focus on Target

When we focus on the target, the front and rear sights will both be blurry. In this case, a small misalignment of the gun (which would be visible as sight misalignment) will not be noticed, and the gun will be looking along a different line of sight than our eyes are looking.

Front Sight Out Of Focus
If you are over 40, you probably noticed a change in your ability to see your front sight clearly. As we age, the ability of the eyes to focus up close is diminished and we need help seeing at close and intermediate distances. The technical term is Presbyopia.

As shooters and Board Certified Opticians, we have carefully analyzed the challenge of over 40 shooters to arrive at the best solutions for aging eyes.

  • If your distance vision is 20 20, but you need reading glasses, a reduced power is required to bring the front sight into focus, which also helps to blur the target. Click below for Non-Prescription Solutions.
  • If you require prescription glasses and wear Bifocals, Trifocal or Progressive lenses, click below for Prescription Solutions.