Don’t be Afraid to Drive at Night! Haven introduces Night Drivers! 

Glasses for Driving at Night Driving at night can be dangerous due to limited light and blinding glare from headlights and streetlights. Yellow lenses have been proven to be incredibly beneficial for night driving since they improve contrast. The anti-reflective lens coating on the Night Drivers by Haven is designed to block glare. Not all glasses with yellow lenses have an anti-reflective coating which is why not all night driving glasses actually work. Glasses with any old yellow lenses will not improve your vision at night. Night Drivers by Haven provide more contrast and less glare to improve overall visibility at night especially during fog and rain. 

Night Drivers glasses by Haven with yellow lenses are designed to be worn over prescription glasses but can be worn alone. Many drivers find the yellow lenses have a soothing effect on the eyes reducing eye-fatigue and strain. before and after night 1 Night Drivers fits-over glasses by Haven pass the global traffic light transmission standards. This is due to specialized yellow tinted lenses that allow you to distinguish between green, red and yellow traffic lights. Unlike other glasses for driving at night which may alter the way colors appear. Driving at night is especially challenging for older folks. As we age, our pupils become less responsive thus allowing less light transmission into our eyes. Drivers over 60, might only be getting 2/3 to 1/3 of the light they did at 20, which makes night driving dangerous. Night Drivers by Haven may help make objects distinguishable from other objects by enhancing depth perception, clarity and detail. 

Whether you wear glasses or not, Night Drivers by Haven are the right choice for driving at night. Have you noticed how some cars nowadays have incredibly bright headlights that seem to emit a clean white, almost blue, light? These HID (high intensity discharge) headlights might offer more visibility for the driver, but for drivers who have to stare at these lights, it is annoying, blinding and even painful! To make matters worse, in fog and rain the light emitted by HIDs scatters even more causing the glare to intensify. Night Drivers by Haven with yellow tinted lenses filter out a great deal of the blue light in HIDs, virtually eliminating their blinding light. 

Drive safer at night by improving your visibility with Night Drivers glasses by Haven Night Driving Glasses with Anti Glare! Get a pair Today! 

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