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Prescription Sport goggles, prescription sport eyewear and prescription sport glasses by Rec Specs and Leader Sports.

All of our prescription sports goggles are 100% impact certified, meeting or exceeding ASTM F803 sports eye protection standards.   

Our prescription sport goggles are available in youth and adult sizes. Options for helmet wear of goggles is available.  

  • Prescription Lacrosse Goggles Sport Glasses
  • Prescription Baseball Goggles Sport Glasses up to 40MPH
  • Prescription Basketball Goggles Sport Glasses
  • Prescription Soccer Goggles Sport Glasses
  • Prescription Squash Goggles Sport Glasses
  • Prescription Racquetball Goggles Sport Glasses
  • Prescription Tennis Goggles Sport Glasses
The ASTM-F803 specification covers eye protectors, designed for use by players of racket sports, women’s lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer that minimize or significantly reduce injury to the eye and due to impact and penetration by racket-sport rackets and balls, women’s lacrosse and field hockey sticks and balls, baseballs, soccer balls, hands, elbows, and fingers. Protective eyewear offers protection only to the eyes and does not protect other parts of the head.

We utilize polycarbonate prescription lenses with the specified ASTM minimum thickness to meet the standard.  

ASTM certification is required by sports associations, leagues, schools and some states for participation on their teams while wearing prescription eyewear. 

There are a limited number of manufacturers of ASTM F803 certified prescription sport goggles.  There are several overseas and US vendors on the web marketing prescription sport goggles that do not meet ASTM F803 standards.  Polycarbonate lenses must be utilized to meet the standard and several vendors off sport goggles with non-approved materials.  Use caution when shopping.  
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