Blue Light

Blue Light Protecting Glasses
GoodGlasses blue light protecting glasses are available with either no power and reading magnifications. 
For those who wear reading glasses for near vision, we offer reduced power +1.00 magnification for viewing monitors and other intermediate distances 24-30".  

Americans on average spend over half their waking hours in front of digital screens such as computers, smart phones, tablets and televisions. These devices emit strong, high energy, blue light.  Our use of energy efficient CFL bulbs in our homes also contributes to our increased exposure to blue light.  

Most of us would not consider exposing our eyes to UV damage outdoors, utilizing the protection provided by quality sunglasses.  We now need to consider protecting our eyes indoors from harmful rays.  

  • Blue light is the shortest wavelength visible light perceived as violet-blue to light blue.  It is just above harmful UV light in the light spectrum.
  • The short wavelengths scatter easily, causing glare, reducing contrast and contributing to eye fatigue and CVS - Computer Vision Syndrome - digital eyestrain resulting from our electronic gadgets. 
  • Exposure to blue light has been linked to retinal damage, including Macular Degeneration and Cataracts.  
  • Blue light suppresses the body's production of Melatonin, the hormone that controls our biological clock.  Exposure to blue light at night can disrupt a restful night's sleep, and make us susceptible to diseases associated with sleep disorders.  Exposure to blue light should be reduced 2-3 hours before bed time, to prevent sleep disruption.  
  • Several studies have linked increased blue light exposure with increased hunger, eating disorders and suppressed Glucose production.

Blue light protecting glasses:  

  • Improve visual acuity and night vision.
  • Better depth and color perception.
  • Protection against UV rays and high-energy blue light.
  • Improved contrast and reduced glare.
  • Enhanced protection that mimics natural Melanin.