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Computer focus through the distance portion of your prescription glasses
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The primary reason for neck and back aches among computer users is the awkward posture used by eyeglass wearers to view their computer monitors. Traditional eyeglasses make it more difficult for the wearer to see things both close up and at an arm’s length - the typical distance to the monitor - without moving to bring the monitor into focus. Do these examples sound familiar?:

You wear bifocals and tilt your neck back to see through the bifocal segment, and then bend forward to bring the monitor into focus.
You wear trifocal or progressives lenses. You find they do not provide a large enough intermediate viewing area for comfortable, extended viewing of the monitor.
Is your computer monitor out of focus?
Our Computer Clip-Ons for prescription eyewear adds intermediate correction to the top of your glasses for clear viewing of your monitor. They flip up out of the way, or remove easily when you don’t need them.

Computer Clip-Ons help you focus on objects that are 30" to 36" away (like your computer screen). Your monitor is out of the range of reading lenses, and it requires a different lens power than your reading glasses. Your computer lens power is approximately one-half of your reading lens power. Although you do not need a prescription for computer glasses, it is always a good idea to ask your eye doctor to measure for the correct power.

If your current reading ADD is +1.25 to +2.0 select Weak (+1.0).
If your current reading glasses strength is +2.0 to +3.0 select Medium (+1.25). 

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