Prescription Computer Glasses

Are you experiencing any of the following problems?
  • You bifocals do not provide intermediate vision for your monitor. 
  • The center - intermediate segment - of your progressives or trifocals is too small for comfortable monitor viewing. 
  • The top - distance segment - of your glasses is not in focus for your monitor. 
  • You find yourself lifting your head and bending forward to use the bottom - near segment - for viewing the monitor.  
  • You are experiencing, neck and back pain, along with eye strain when using the computer.  

Traditional Progressive design with small, hard to use intermediate viewing areas in the center of the lens.
Computer/Reader design.  Large reading and intermediate viewing areas.  Every thing in easy focus up to 5'.

We offer two unique solutions for multi-focal prescription wearers.

  • We convert your prescription to Computer/readers with Sola Access™ lenses. The bottom of the lens will have a large, wide reading area. The intermediate segment will be moved to the top of the lens, for a wide, easy to use segment for viewing the computer and other intermediate distances.  NOTE:  The Sola lens does NOT provide distance vision.  You will still need you regular glasses for distance viewing.
  • Computer clip-ons are a cost-effective solution for computer vision. The clip-on will provide intermediate strength through the top -distance segment - of your glasses. Flip the clips up and out of the way or quickly remove them for distance viewing.

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