Our Monocles have an unique advantage over other Monocles on the market.  Hinged at the center, the lens separates into 2 lenses, to provide reading magnification for both eyes.  Two eyes are better than one, for easy reading of menus, labels, fine print or whatever requires clarity at closer than arm's length distances. 

NOTE:  Designed to be held to the eye, not worn in the eye socket. 

Classically styled, our Monocles are the perfect alternative to reading glasses.  Whenever you need to read or see something up close, you Monocle is at hand on its chain lanyard.  No fumbling in pockets or purses for your reading glasses to see the display on your mobile phone.  Our Monocles are the practical, convenient and stylish alternative to reading glasses.  Hold up to your eye for a quick glance or unfold and use both eyes for better viewing. 

You'll never be without reading glasses when your Monocle becomes an integral fashion accessory to your wardrobe.  

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Monocle for Reading
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