Corrective Computer Glasses

NOTE: If you are over 40 and wear reading glasses, but your distance vision is  20/20, Corrective Computer Eyewear is the solution for you.   

If you wear glasses for distance or have less than perfect distance vision, these products will not work for you.   Go to Prescription Computer Glasses.

Presbyopia is the hardening of lenses of your eyes, a predictable result of aging.  Your distance vision is still 20 20, but you have increasing difficulty focusing your near vision.  You start to wear reading glasses. 

Corrective Computer glasses are designed to wear while doing computer work. They allow your eyes to focus on the computer screen, which is farther away from the distance reading material is normally held. There are other activities such as playing piano or shooting that also require a similar correction.

There are 2 solutions: 

  • Are you tired of switching between 2 pairs of glasses for reading and viewing your computer monitor?
  • Do you wear reading glasses? When viewing your monitor, do you have to bend forward and get close to the screen to get in focus?  If you take your reading glasses off, is screen is blurry?  
  • Our Computer/Readers are one pair of glasses with two focal areas to put both your reading and computer monitor into focus. 
  • No visible lines.A smooth transition from reading to computer, without the image jump experienced with inferior computer/readers with lined focus areas. 
Single vision glasses with the appropriate magnification 
  •  For working at the monitor and other intermediate distances.
  • While many people are happy with the single vision solution, you will have to switch back to your normal reading glasses for near vision work.