Press-On Bifocal Lenses

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Turn your favorite shooting glasses into top focal magnifiers.  

  • With the bifocal segment placed on the upper edge of the lens of your dominant/target eye of your shooting glasses, your front sight is easy to acquire without the upward head tilting required with traditional bifocals.
  • The rest of the lens of the target eye, along with your other eye, will have clear vision.   
  • The included two bifocals allow for converting a second pair or keep the extra lens as a back-up.
  • Hydrostatic adhesion allows you to remove and replace or re-position the bifocal.  
  • Manufactured by 3M, a leader in innovative vision products. 
  • For most people with 20 20 distance vision who use reading glasses, +1.00 is the correct magnification.  
  • If your reading glasses are +2.75 or stronger, select +1.50.  
  • For good adhesion clean the inside of your shooting glasses to remove any anti-fog treatments.  

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