Prescription Shooting Glasses For Front Sight Focus

For the pistol shooter, it is the inability to focus at the intermediate range that creates the biggest problem. 

GoodGlasses Opticians have determined the best solution  is to make a single vision Rx lens for the aiming eye that will bring the front sight into focus.  The non-dominate eye will have correction for 20 20 distance.  

Unlike other solutions, like inverted bifocal segments, this method lets you see the front sight clearly no matter which area of the lens you look through. Acquiring the front sight is quick and easy, no matter where you hold the gun or position your head.  The target will be slightly blurry through the aiming eye, facilitating proper aiming. 

When viewing distance when not aiming, your vision will be similar to people with mono vision Lasik, or mono vision correction with contact lenses. The brain will focus the vision from the non-dominant eye, corrected to 20 20 distance.   

To determine the correct power for your shooting glasses, we will need to know your dominant/aiming eye, your full prescription and PD - pupil distance.  After placing your order we will ship you 3 correcting clip-ons for trial, to place on your dress glasses to determine what power provides you the best focus on your front sight.  We will then produce your new shooting glasses with the correct power for your aiming/dominant eye based on your trial.

If you are under 40 and your near vision is good, we can produce our shooting glasses with your distance prescription.   

Our frames meet ANSI Z87.1 & CSA Z94.3 safety standards.  We produce your prescription in impact resistant Polycarobonate safety lenses.