• You are over 40, your distance vision is good, but the front sight is blurry, resulting in misalignment and poor shooting by focusing on the target.
  • You tried wearing your reading glasses while target shooting. They are too strong to focus on the front sight.
  • You tried bifocal reading glasses, but the image jump and the need to raise your head to focus slows your target acquisition and proves problematic.

Our full-lens ballistic rated glasses, will bring your front sight into focus and blur the target for accurate shooting, while still allowing you to comfortably see and maneuver in action-shooting events. 

Stick-on bifocal lenses placed in the top of your favorite shooting glasses, rather than in the traditional bottom location, will allow you to focus on your front sight without moving your head and still have distance vision through the rest of the lens.  You only need to place a lens in your dominant/aiming eye.  

Determining Your Correct Magnification 

For most people +1.00 is the correct magnification to bring your front sight into focus. 

We can send you a set of trial glasses, with a return label, to try different strengths to determine the correct magnification.

See the product information for details.    

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