Multifocal Computer Readers With Sola Access Lens

The SOLA Access® Lens is a progressive lens with intermediate and near vision correction. The lens provides clear vision up to 7 feet, based on your required magnification.

With wide intermediate and near viewing zones the Access Lens in an excellent solution for computer users, readers and certain occupation and hobbies (musicians, plumbers, mechanics, etc.)

Computers users need two clear vision ranges, intermediate to see screen at 24-30" and near 12-14", to see the keyboard and read.

Unlike a traditional progressive lens with distance vision and a small intermediate area, Access® provides two vision ranges, near and intermediate,  This design provides largest viewing zones possible.  The transition zone lets your viewing change smoothly from near to intermediate without the image jump of lined bifocals. 
  • Select the strength based on your normal reading glasses. 
  • Options include AR - anti-reflective coating and a special computer tint. 
  • In +1.00 to +2.00 powers, the power drop from reading to intermediate is 0.75D. (EG +1.75 reading, the intermediate will be +1.00.) 
  • In +2.00 to +4.50 the power drop is 1.25D.  (EG +2.50 reading the intermediate will be +1.25.)
NOTICE:  If your distance vision is less than 20 20, even if you do not normally wear glasses for distance, these glasses will not function correctly at intermediate distances, even if you successfully wear non-prescription reading glasses.   You need this lens in the prescription version, which will provide the proper correction, based on your prescription, for your special vision needs.