Kid's or Adult Blue
Kid's or Adult Blue

Leader Full prescription Swim Goggle

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Our full prescription swim goggle is available in both Adult and Junior Sizes fitted with yur exact prescription correction.
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Leader Full Prescription Swim Goggles.  Your exact prescription in a Prescription Swim Goggle. 

  • Hypo-allergenic silicone eye seals and strap.
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Unique leak-proof lens bevel design
  • We can produce virtually any prescription.  If your prescription exceeds +/- 10.00 Sphere contact us for a quote.  
  • Lens Tint Available
  • Adult and Junior size
  • Reusable plastic case 
NOTE: Swim goggles are single vision, with distance correction only.  

Although sports eyewear is designed to offer the best possible protection during certain sporting activities, there is always the possibility that the wearer may sustain an eye, face, or other injury due to impact or because of the nature of the athletic activity. If the frame incurs an severe impact it must be replaced. If the frame is neglected or misused, or is worn improperly, the degree of eye protection provided may be reduced and may result in permanent eye, face, head, or other injuries.

Neither the designer, manufacturer, nor GoodGlasses. claims their sports eyewear is unbreakable or eliminates the possibility of injury.

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