Matte Black Gray Lens
Matte Black Gray Lens

Jonathan Paul Razor Fitovers Sunglasses 5" X 1 1/2"

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Jonathan Paul Razor Fitovers Sunglasses
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Frame Width 132 x 38mm

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Jonathan Paul Fitovers are the ultimate in sunglasses designed to be worn over prescription glasses.

The Razor Collection::
Designed to be worn over Small Rectangle or Square prescription eyewear frame shapes.

Fits frames up to 132mm x 38mm  5" X 1 1/2"

Velcro carrying case with sport clip
Detachable neck cord
Micro-fiber cleaning cloth

All lenses include: 

Splotch Guard™ - Provides multiple impact and scratch resistant treatments protecting your lenses for years to come.

Duo Hard Coat™ - An oleophoibic treatment that prevents fingerprints and smudges from adhering to the surface of the lens

Flash-Reflect™ - A subtle flash mirror treatment that reflects bright light away when in intense light conditions. Flash-Reflect™ gives the lenses a glass-like appearance and hides your prescription eyewear.

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