Blue Blast Gray Lens
Blue Blast Gray Lens

Jonathan Paul Choopa FitOvers Sunglasses 5" x 1 1/2"

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Jonathan Paul Choopa Fitovers Sunglasses
Part Number: Choopa
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Frame Width 123 x 35mm

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Jonathan Paul Choopa Fitovers™

From the Kid's Collection

Fits frames not exceeding 123 x 35mm 5" X 1 1/2"

POLARVUE Premium Polarized Lenses

  • 99% Polarized efficiency rating
  • Duo HardCoat™  - Two super hard coat treatments to ensure maximum protection against scratching. 
  • Flash Reflect™ - A subtle flash mirror treatment that gives the lens a richer appearance and hides your prescription eyewear.
  • Splotch Guard™ - A protective shield that repels anything that contacts your Fitovers lenses.
  • Blocks 99.9% of all reflected glare.

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