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Haven Blue Light Protecting Wear Overs

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Haven Blue Light Protecting Wear Overs.. Reduce glare and protects the eye from harmful blue light.
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Melanin is the pigment in our eyes and skin that naturally protects us against UV and high energy blue light.  

The average American spends over half our waking hours in front of various digital screens emitting blue light.  We light our homes and offices with blue light emitting CFLs.  Modern automobiles and street lights cause glare.  Nature did not anticipate this recent, increased exposure to blue light.  Our natural protection from Melanin needs help protecting our eyes.  

Most of us do not consider going out in the day without the protection of quality sunglasses.  We also need to protect our eyes indoors and at night from harmful rays.  

Our blue light filtering Wear Overs provide protection when wearing prescription eyewear.  
  • Improved visual acuity and night vision.
  • Better depth and color perception.
  • Protection against UV rays and high-energy blue light that can damage your eyes, effect sleep and contribute to other health issues.  
  • Improved contrast and reduced glare.

Our specially formulated Wear Overs include: 

  • TX7 Polarized Lens with Zero Friction Surface Technology.
  • Lightweight, ballistic nylon frame.
  • BendToFit™ temples for a custom fit
  • Advanced UV Protection™ 100% UV400
  • Tough Coat - 5x more scratch resistant than a standard polycarbonate lens
  • Smudge resistant easy clean.
  • Microfiber protective storage bag.   
  • Available in 3 sizes and shapes to accommodate most prescription eyewear. 

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