C2 Unleashed
C2 Unleashed

C2 Unleashed Rx Sport Goggles

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C2 Rx Sports Goggles. ASTM certified.
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Feature: Choice of Frame Colors
Feature: Standard Safety Strap Included With Purchase
Feature: Includes Protective Carrying Case

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Leader C2 Unleashed Rx Sports Goggles with V-Port technology widens the field of vision  up to 20 degrees, optimizing peripheral awareness, while providing superior ventilation and comfort.  Now available with a wider range of styles. 

C2 meets ASTM F803 standards for Basketball, Soccer, Squash, Racquetball Handball and Badminton.  The XS and S sizes meet baseball standards up to 40MPH.
  • 2 frame sizes. 
  • Interlocking strap attached to temple arms included, with strap adapt option for helmet sports. 
  • Lens options for sun protection and strong prescriptions.
  • Matching Microfiber case.
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