Adult Rx Prescription Swim Goggles
Blue Eye Seals and Strap

Adult Rx Prescription Swim Goggles

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Rx prescription Swim Goggles at a Value Price. Available with both
Nearsighted "-" and Farsighted "+" lenses,
Power range -1.00 to -8.00  +1.00 to +8.00 (Whole Diopters only in + goggles)

  • Latex free, Hypo-allergenic silicone eye seals and adjustable headstrap
  • Anti-Fog treated lenses
  • Adjustable bridge sizes to optimize fit
  • Gray polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and UV protection
  • Includes protective carrying case 
  • Our Optician selects the best lens for both eyes to best match your prescription

NOTE: The corrective lenses in our swimming goggles do not provide correction for cylinder - astigmatism - and are not a direct match for your regular prescription if it contains cylinder correction.  The swim goggles are more than adequate for temporary use while swimming and getting to/from the locker. They are not intended for full time wear. Your moderate cylinder correction will be calculated into the goggles using the step-diopter method in order to provide you the best vision. If you have a large degree of astigmatism - more than +/- 1.50 cyl - or require high power correction greater than +/- 8, we would recommend purchasing our full prescription custom prescription goggles.
5 Stars
Strong and great googles
Great googles my teen daughter swim 6 times a week and this googles are still great! Iam ordering more because of her prescription has change.
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Reviewed by:  from Miami , Florida . on 12/29/2016
5 Stars
What a wonderful company! I called them during the Christmas Holidays, and they got right back to me! This is our second order, the goggles are sturdy, they fit well, and its a blessing for my daughter to see clearly underwater, she couldn't see the wall before, now she is able to swim with great clarity. This is a great company to get your prescription goggles from!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Maryland. on 1/17/2018
5 Stars
Adult Swimmer (Beginner)
I love my swim goggles! I am taking swimming lessons daily and wearing non prescription goggles, until a friend suggested I try prescription goggles, I've never heard of them. I'm extremely near sighted but I was hoping for the best, I ordered them on a Thursday and received them that Saturday, they're perfect!! What a difference it's made to be able to see my instructor and see where I'm swimming!! I am recommending prescription goggles everyone I see "squinting" like I once was in swim class. Thanks again!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles, CA. on 9/4/2018
5 Stars
I have been to Florida each winter for 3 or 4 years now. I have stopped in eyeglass stores and asked about swim goggles. No one has had them or even knew if they existed. I'm glad that I finally remembered to look online for them. With my old goggles, I couldn't keep an eye on my belongings on the beach while I was swimming. These new goggles will take care of that. My eyelashes didn't touch the lens, which was a problem on one pair of goggles I have. These goggles have an awesome, thick, soft suction cup around each eye. They are tinted. They only cost $35 which totally blew me away. I am poor and need all the help that I can get. Other prescription goggles had the same prescription for each eye or prescriptions in increments of .50. I didn't know what to do with -2.25 on my right eye. But, this website has an optometrist, and I sent in my prescription. The goggles were shipped the very next day and arrived soon afterward. I thought I would have to wait a week. I was leery at first when I saw only 2 reviews so I thought I would leave one. You know the old adage, 'if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.' But, GoodGlasses is an awesome name for an eyeglasses website, and they are for real.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Howard, SD. on 7/6/2018

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