Blue Eye Seals and Strap
Blue Eye Seals and Strap

Adult Rx Prescription Swim Goggles

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Rx Swim Goggles at a Value Price. Available with both Nearsighted "-" and Farsighted "+" lenses.
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Rx prescription Swim Goggles at a Value Price. Available with both
Nearsighted "-" and Farsighted "+" lenses,
Power range -1.00 to -8.00  +1.00 to +8.00 (Whole Diopters only in + goggles)

  • Latex free, Hypo-allergenic silicone eye seals and adjustable headstrap
  • Anti-Fog treated lenses
  • Adjustable bridge sizes to optimize fit
  • Gray polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and UV protection
  • Includes protective carrying case 
  • Our Optician selects the best lens for both eyes to best match your prescription

NOTE: The corrective lenses in our swimming goggles do not provide correction for cylinder - astigmatism - and are not a direct match for your regular prescription if it contains cylinder correction.  The swim goggles are more than adequate for temporary use while swimming and getting to/from the locker. They are not intended for full time wear. Your moderate cylinder correction will be calculated into the goggles using the step-diopter method in order to provide you the best vision. If you have a large degree of astigmatism - more than +/- 1.50 cyl - or require high power correction greater than +/- 8, we would recommend purchasing our full prescription custom prescription goggles.

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