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Computer Glasses Non-correcting

NOTE:  The glasses featured on this page provide a solution for those with 20/20 vision or 20/20 corrected (contact lenses, surgery etc.) vision, who do not require reading glasses.  If you require reading glasses or wear prescription glasses, see our other computer vision products for corrective lenses and prescription solutions.  

Your eyes take a constant beating in front of the computer monitor.  You would not think of going outside without protecting your eyes with sunglasses.  Computer Vision Syndrome has been the #1 health complaint over the past 3 years with over 10 million eye exams annually as a result of Computer Vision Syndrome.   Protect your eyes today.     

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Melavision Melanin Computer Glasses
Melavision Melanin Computer Glasses
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Glare Reducing Computer Glasses with AR Coating
Glare Reducing Computer Glasses with AR Coating
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