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Multifocal Readers


Don’t limit your productivity with single vision reading glasses. Put everything in your workspace into clear focus.

Single vision reading glasses are limited in their focus. If you want everything up on your desktop to be in focus, our multi-focal Computer/Readers are the ideal solution.

Most of us spend hours every day at our desk in activities that involve both near and intermediate vision - distances up to 7 feet away. Single vision reading glasses are not enough. Working at a computer is a very visually demanding task. The wrong glasses contribute to Computer Vision Syndrome resulting in eyestrain, and neck and back pain from improper posture to bring the computer screen and other intermediate distance objects into focus. So why not maximize your vision at these distances, reducing the strain and fatigue? The progressive lens used in our Computer/Reading progressive eyewear provide clear-uninterrupted vision from reading distance up to 7 feet. It is the only progressive lens with both near and intermediate vision as wide as a single-vision lens.

The wide viewing area makes our Computer/Reading glasses easy to wear and the perfect glasses for computer users, enabling them to see the screen clearly as well as everything else in the office. The wide range of clear vision eliminates unnatural head movements and poor posture that contribute to Computer Vision Syndrome. No more peering over reading glasses or bending forward to bring your computer screen into focus. At home, our Computer/Reading glasses provides clear vision for a range of leisure and hobby activities. For example, musicians appreciate both their instrument and the music being clearly in focus.

Q. What’s unique about the Sola Access® lens?
A. GoodGlasses Computer/reading glasses provide a unique range of clear vision, from reading distance up to 7 away. (Mid-range vision will vary depending on the power selected).
 Q. How do I select the correct power?
A. Select the power based on the strength of the reading glasses you are currently using for near vision.  The intermediate strength will be computed from your reading strength.  The bottom 1/2 of the lens will contain your reading strength.  The top 1/2 will provide the correct strength for intermediate distances.  The center of the lens provides a smooth transition from near to intermediate power.    
 Q. Is fitting required?
A. Unlike prescription progressive lenses, no fitting height is specified because the lenses are edged to frame center. Precise measurements with trial and error fitting are not required to wear GoodGlasses Computer/reading glasses.. Unlike traditional progressive eyewear, it is easy to adapt to wearing the Computer Readers. If you are a prescription wearer, we can convert your prescripton to the Sola Access® lens.
Not just for computer users! Musicians, hobbyists, chefs and every presbyope can benefit from the improved utility and comfort of GoodGlasses Computer/Reading glasses.

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Multifocal Computer Readers With Sola Access Lens
Multifocal Computer Readers With Sola Access Lens
Value Priced Multifocal Progressive Computer Readers from $49.95
Value Priced Multifocal Progressive Computer Readers from $49.95