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Melanin Wear Over Sunglasses

What is Melanin?

  • Melanin is a special pigment that gives our hair, skin and eyes their color.
  • Melanin is responsible for coloration throughout nature.
  • Nature uses Melanin to protect our tissue from sunlight damage.
  • Melanin in the eye reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
  • Melanin’s unique spectral characteristics offer relief from discomfort in harsh light environments.

Principal benefits of lenses with Melanin:

  • Efficient protection for the eye - Melanin readers filter out all of the UV which reduces the risks of cataracts to the ocular lens. Melanin also significantly reduces the amount of high energy visible (HEV) light (the violet and blue) thereby reducing the risks of macular degeneration (AMD) to the retina.
  • Enhanced, true color perception - Significantly reduces the violet and blue light while preserving true color perception. This feature separates Melanin reader lenses from all others. Colors are not only preserved, they appear enhanced.
  • Increased contrast and sharper detail - Reducing violet and blue light provides increased contrast in vision. Melanin reader lenses improve contrast while preserving color.
  • Reduces eyestrain and relaxes your eyes - The most obvious experience is the eye comfort one senses while wearing them.

Melavision™ - Helping You See Now ... And In The Future.

  • Reduces the risk of Cataracts and Macular Degeneration.
  • Melanin lens color complements natural skin tone.
  • Patented lens prevents eye fatigue from reading and computer use.
  • Ophthalmic Quality Frame
  • Adjustable Soft Comfort Nosepads
  • Cosmetically Appealing Melanin Lenses