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Invisible No Line Bifocals

Why Our No Line Bifocals are better. 

Most invisible or no line bifocals start out as a traditional lined bifocal. The traditional visible lined ledge that protrudes from the lens is ground off the lens.  This type of lens is known as a blended bifocal.   

While the blended bifocal design provides a cosmetically good looking appearance with virtually no sign of the segment, the blended or ground off area results in vision distortion that proves annoying to many wearers.  

The GoodGlasses No Line bifocal has a round bifocal segment embedded in the lens for your reading.  No ridge.  No distortion.  The vision is superior and the segment is virtually invisible when you are wearing the glasses.  The rest of the lens is clear without any correction for your distance viewing.    

Good vision and good looks available in a wide variety of frame shapes and sizes.  

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